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Ward 4 CARE Days: Community Outreach

I am excited to announce that we are launching our second annual Ward 4 CARE Days later this month!  I host these Community Access, Resource, and Engagement Days in every Ward 4 neighborhood to engage our community and to bring resources and services directly to neighbors on your own block. We launched CARE Days last year to connect with neighbors and bring our community closer together after the height of the pandemic. This is part of our collective work to ensure peoples’ needs are being met and to make our community even more welcoming and inclusive.

What can Ward 4 residents expect at CARE Days?

  • Opportunities to connect with me and my team
  • Door-to-door outreach to check in with neighbors
  • Resources fairs with agencies and community groups
  • Addressing constituent issues in the neighborhood
  • Volunteer opportunities to be part of outreach
  • Meeting new neighbors and building community

Check out our full schedule of Ward 4 CARE Days from May to September below and sign up to be part of the CARE Day in your neighborhood. You can sign up either to be part of outreach to your neighbors, to attend our CARE Day resource fair, or simply to receive a reminder that the event is taking place. And residents are welcome at any CARE Day event that is convenient for them.

You do not have to come to one of these events to participate in CARE Days. CARE stands for Community Access, Resource, and Engagement, so any event, outreach, or act of service that advances those goals can be part of CARE Days. If you cannot join us that day, consider doing something like hosting a neighborhood cleanup, submitting 311 requests for your neighborhood, planning a block party, coordinating a food drive, or just meeting a new neighbor for the first time and making them feel connected to our community. What makes Ward 4 so strong is that it is made up of kind, dedicated residents who look after one another.

We will be in touch ahead of each CARE Day with everything you need to know. Please don’t hesitate to share these events with your neighbors so they can participate too. I’m looking forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!