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Testify at a Facilities and Family Services Committee Hearing

Please use the links below to sign up to testify at an upcoming hearing or roundtable in the Committee on Facilities & Family Services (FFS). Each link will direct you to a Google Form where you can submit your information. The day before the hearing, you will receive a Zoom link by email. Please be sure to sign up by close of business two business days before the hearing.

Sign up to Testify at an FFS Committee Hearing

If you have logistical questions, please refer to the respective hearing or roundtable notice. For all other questions, including interpretation requests, email or call 202-724-8052.

Please submit your written testimony to at least 24 hours prior to the hearing. The deadline to sign up for most hearings is 5pm on the second business day before the hearing.

Hearing Notices, Witness Lists, and Submitted Testimony for the hearings below can be viewed on our public Dropbox folder. Check the hearing notices for additional information about providing testimony.

The Committee will not honor placeholder registrations after the deadline. You may update your registration (including changing a name) by clicking “Edit Response” in your confirmation email up until the registration deadline. Substitutions after the deadline may not be honored.

Watch an FFS Committee Hearing

Please visit our YouTube page to watch live or past Facilities and Family Services Committee hearings. You can also watch all Council hearings or archived videos for each Council hearing on the DC Council website. Please note that that archived videos for past hearings are posted on the Council website within two or three days of the hearing taking place.

Sign up to Testify at a Different Council Hearing

You can also sign up to testify at other public hearings held by Council Committees by consulting the Council’s public calendar and the schedule and instructions for 2022-23 performance oversight and Fiscal Year 24 budget oversight hearings for each agency. Strong civic engagement is the foundation of a healthy democracy, so we encourage all neighbors to make their voice heard at the DC Council. Please contact my team at or 202-724-8052 if you need assistance signing up for a Council hearing.