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Ward 4 CARE Days: Community Outreach

Ward 4 Neighbors, I’m excited to announce our new community outreach initiative: Ward 4 CARE Days. Throughout 2022, we will be visiting every neighborhood in Ward 4 to engage neighbors on how to strengthen our communities, connect residents to DC agency resources, and meet people where they are.

You can review a full schedule of those community events below.

Community Access, Resource & Engagement (CARE) Days will provide Ward 4 residents an opportunity to learn how their government is helping Ward 4 communities stay safe and vibrant. These events will encourage resident-centered conversation aimed at equipping residents with resources to directly engage DC agencies, services, and community groups to address the unique issues in their unique neighborhoods.

I hope you will review the schedule below and volunteer to door-knock during any or all CARE Days so that we can check-in on our neighbors and ensure that resources are in the hands of those who need them.