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Ward 4

Ward 4 is made up by more than 87,000 residents in 20 neighborhoods working together to create caring, vibrant communities.

Our ward rests at the top of the DC diamond and encompasses neighborhoods like Shepherd Park, Colonial Village, North Portal Estates, Takoma, Brightwood, Brightwood Park, Kennedy Street, Manor Park, South Manor Park, Fort Totten, Lamond, Lamond Riggs, Riggs Park, Queens Chapel, Petworth, Sixteenth Street Heights, Crestwood, Hawthorne, Barnaby Woods, and part of Chevy Chase. We are blessed with plentiful green space and parks, including more of Rock Creek Park than any other ward.

Ward 4 residents are kind, hard-working people with a deep commitment to serving others. There is a strong ethic of civic engagement with neighbors coming together to make our communities a better place for everyone. Our communities are incredibly diverse, with native Washingtonians, longtime residents, newcomers, and immigrants all helping create a welcoming environment. You will encounter Ward 4 residents enjoying our amazing local businesses, our beautiful parks, our historic landmarks, our devoted faith communities, and our renowned schools.

Community Resources

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