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Statement on DC Statehood and Home Rule

Today the President of the United States and many Senate Democrats turned their backs on DC residents and our fundamental right to self determination. 

This is the latest chapter in a long, dark history of Congress forcing its will on the people of DC. It harkens back to when Congressmen openly opined that DC’s Black leaders were incapable of self governance. Instead of burying that racist legacy, Congress and the President seek to resurrect it. 

This country was founded on the principles of self governance and democratic representation that have always been denied to us. As DC residents, we have been disenfranchised our entire lives. Supporting DC Statehood and Home Rule means standing with us now — not only when it is politically convenient.  

It is disgraceful that so many have chosen to lie about, distort, and weaponize the Criminal Code Revision for their political purposes. This was never about safety. DC’s current criminal code is outdated, inconsistent, and fundamentally broken. Instead of enacting the modern, consistent, and evidenced-based code that our communities need, Congress is sentencing us to the violent status quo. 

I am disturbed by those who welcome Congressional intervention in our affairs and those who sit idly by and watch it happen. This is a defining moment for the District. We are all called to stand up against this affront to our democracy and autonomy, which would set an incredibly dangerous precedent for our nation. 

If the President or any Senate Democrat wants to talk about what this bill actually does, give me a call. Until then, I will fight like hell with my community to defend DC’s right to self governance.